What color is the jacket

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what color is the jacket

*ORIGINAL* What Color Is This Adidas Jacket?!

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Well, what color is it? Tumblr Screenshot. Blue and black? O r beige and white? It was the question that tore friendships apart last winter, and, just in time for the one-year anniversary, a Tumblr post has a new optically puzzling garment: a jacket that is…well, you decide. Some are claiming the jacket is green and gold, while others see blue and white, black and brown or other combinations. Six percent of respondents were simply disgusted at the re-emergence of the comparative clothing colors phenomenon.

Is this jacket blue and white or black and brown? Well, that depends.
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One Adidas jacket is becoming the "new dress," at least in terms of creating an Internet fiasco. Exactly one year after a heavy debate unfolded on social media over the color of "the dress," people are bickering over the color of a rayon Adidas zip-up jacket. Some believe it's black and brown, while others suggested green and gold or green and brown. High school sophomore and Santa Clarita, California, resident Mariam Kabba said she began a group chat Thursday about the dress after one of her friends was adamant that her blue-and-white jacket was brown and black. Shortly after, that friend, year-old Nina Penzo, posted a picture of the jacket to Tumblr.

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Debate Over the Color of an Adidas Jacket Ignites 1 Year After 'The Dress' Fiasco

A year ago today, The Great Dress Debate took social media by storm, and, well it looks like we might just have another similar fight on our hands. -





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  1. Debate Over the Color of an Adidas Jacket Ignites 1 Year After 'The Dress' Fiasco - ABC News

  2. According to Buzzfeed, there's debate over the colors of this Adidas jacket, which some people say is blue and white, while others claim that it.

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