Pet physical therapy near me

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How to Become an Animal Physical Therapist

pet physical therapy near me

Canine Rehabilitation Certification and continuing education programs for licensed veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and physical therapists.


Restoring our patients' quality of life through veterinary rehabilitation. Learn more about the field of animal rehabilitation, including commonly treated conditions as well as types of therapies that may be performed. Does your pet need rehab? Search for facilities near you that provide animal rehabilitation services. AARV members speak at a variety of conferences and seminars. Check out our calendar to find out where you can attend lectures, courses, and events related to animal rehabilitation.

Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Inc. Classes are small and learning is hands-on with dogs on site providing real-life lessons in anatomy and biomechanics. Our instructors are recognized leaders in their fields and they love to teach. They have also managed busy referral practices so they understand the business as well as the science of canine rehabilitation. If the applicant is not a credentialed veterinary technician, a letter of recommendation will be required following the guidelines specified in the course application. Since CRI was founded in , we have certified more than 1, students from 30 countries.

Just like their human counterparts, animals can develop functional limitations and mobility impairments as they age. Therefore, animals will also benefit from a skillfully developed plan of care for rehabilitation to address these issues.
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Over the past couple of decades medical and surgical advances in veterinary medicine have demanded better care and expertise. Fly ball, frisbee, dock jumping, agility coursesall pose threats of injury. Different sports will predispose to different types of injury, so care must be taken to condition and strengthen those area most prone to injury. The weekend warriors are arguable the most prone to injury. Appropriate nutrition the backbone of a weight loss program, however, physical activity is also important.

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become an animal physical therapist. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about schooling, job duties and credentialing to find out if this is the career for you. Training as a physical therapist assistant, physical therapist, veterinarian technician or veterinarian can prepare individuals to become animal physical therapists. Physical therapist assistants and veterinary technicians typically complete an associate's degree in their field, while veterinarians must be a doctor of veterinary medicine and physical therapists are required to have a master's or doctoral degree. State licensing requirements for these professionals varies.

Although veterinarians often participate in animal rehabilitation, most animal therapists are licensed physical therapists who choose to work with animals instead of people. Not only do the positions share the same education and licensing requirements, but the animal therapist's role is similar to the physical therapist's -- to help reduce chronic pain, speed up recovery from injury or surgery and improve quality of life for the patient. Animal physical therapists also use human therapy treatments -- exercise rehabilitation, massage, heat therapy, ultrasound therapy and neuromuscular stimulation. If you love four-legged friends and want to work in the medical field, animal physical therapy is an excellent option. Complete a bachelor's degree program. Although you don't need a specific degree major for undergraduate study, take courses in science and mathematics, such as anatomy, animal physiology, chemistry and physics. Maintain at least a 3.

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Animal Physical Therapist: Job Description and Requirements

We are pleased to introduce Pennsylvania's largest state of the art facility for animal rehabilitation and integrative medicine. Our specialty services compliment the care provided by your pet's primary veterinarian. Pet owners and veterinarians throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond count on the Animal Therapy Center's expert staff to assist with post-surgical rehabilitation, recovery from a sports injury, and improving quality of life for senior and geriatric pets. At the Animal Therapy Center our programs are formulated with the individual pet in mind, and under the direct supervisoun of our on staff certified veterinarians. When your companion animal is in need, the Animal Therapy Center will be there to support both you and your pet. Want to see what we do at the Animal Therapy Center? Check out our patient progress section to see our success stories.





How to Become an Animal Rehabilitation Therapist




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