Great expectations chapter 15 summary

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Great Expectations

great expectations chapter 15 summary

When Pip has learned about all he can from Mr. Wopsle's great-aunt, he begs Biddy to teach him everything she knows. Pip, too, spends most of his time looking at the sails on the horizon and dreaming of Estella and Satis House. She calls Orlick names, so Orlick calls Mrs. Joe names.

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Pip's term of study at Mr. Wopsle's great-aunt's school ends, though he tries to keep learning by various other means. He also, with the questionable motive of wanting to make Joe less ignorant, has taken to tutoring Joe, though without much success. During one of these tutorial sessions, Pip gets the notion to visit Manor House again; his alleged reason is to thank Miss Havisham but his more probable desire is to see Estella again. Joe has reservations about this, but he eventually concedes.

All rights reserved. When Pip has learned about all he can from Mr. Wopsle's great-aunt, he begs Biddy to teach him everything she knows. Which she does. He also tries to teach Joe everything that he learns in a way of helping Joe become more educated, and, thus, more worthy of Pip's company. How nice.

Joe and Miss Havisham meet though Joe will not talk directly to her, and directs all of his responses to her questions towards Pip. Miss Havisham gives Joe twenty-five pounds for the compensation that Pip has earned with her. They say goodbye and Estella promptly escorts them out. They travel back to Uncle Pumblechook's house where he and Mrs. Joe are waiting. They tell her of the twenty-five pounds and she is astonished and pleased. Uncle Pumblechook suggest that they go and have Pip officially bound as Joe's apprentice.

Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. Log in or Sign up. Chapter 15 of Great Expectations starts out with Pip having outgrown school. Yet he continues to learn everything that he can so that he can be worthy of Estella. Pip also tries to teach Joe how to read.

Great Expectations: Novel Summary: Volume 1, Chapter 13-Volume 1, Chapter 15

Great Expectations Chapter 15 Summary

Chapter 1 The novel begins at the church graveyard on Christmas Eve. Pip informs us that he is an orphan and lives in the marsh country. An escaped convict appears and threatens Pip. Chapter 2 Pip returns home and we meet his sister, Mrs. Joe, as she is called, is an abusive guardian who bullies Pip and Joe. Joe returns and swats Pip several times. Pip runs to Joe for protection.

By then, Biddy has taught him everything she knows. Pip asks for Mr. Wopsle roughly manhandles him while acting out plays. Pip passes on his knowledge to Joe. Joe usually forgets everything from one week to the next. Everything reminds Pip of Miss Havisham and Estella.

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