Borderlands the pre sequel grinder recipes

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Grinder Recipes Guide Legendary, Purple, Unique

borderlands the pre sequel grinder recipes

*NEW* Grinder Recipes! - Legendary OZ Kits, Grenades, and Shields (Including Deadly Bloom)

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The items fed into the grinder must conform to a recipe, which determines the type and quality of the output. A recipe defines a combination of item types and rarities taken as input and what rarity and type the resulting output may be. Spara during It Ain't Rocket Surgery. Unique mission rewards are counted as standard blue items though, including ones found in chests. The level requirement of the produced item is the average of the level requirements of the input items, rounded down. For example: inputting one level 50 item, one level 49 item, and one level 45 item will result in a level 47 item.

In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, there is a Grinder in The Junk Emporium which allows a player to put multiple weapons in it hoping to create a better version of those weapons. You can also throw in similar-class weapons of low-rarity to receive high-rarity weapon of the same class. When it comes to grinding weapons to craft new weapons, the level of the weapons you are to add into the Grinder matters. The newly crafted weapon most likely will have an average of the weapon-levels which were used to craft it. Another interesting you should note is, adding three weapons from the same manufacturer will most likely give you weapon made by a different manufacturer. To get better results with Grinder, you can throw in Moonstones in it and get useful bonuses.

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Borderlands Pre-Sequel: Grinder Recipes

Last Time Updated: On June 8 for editing. Luneshine Bonuses There is a chance of getting one of these weapon bonuses when moonstone grinding:. -





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