How to solve syllogism problems without using venn diagram

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Syllogism by Rules: Learn Syllogism in One Week

how to solve syllogism problems without using venn diagram

questions were asked from this topic, it is regular in all the exams and the exams without this topic is very less. Why we should learn Syllogism using the Formula Method? when everyone sticks with the conventional Venn Diagram method. Following are the main rules for solving Syllogism Problems.

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A syllogism is a type of a logical argument in which a conclusion is derived from two other statements premises of a certain form. In questions on syllogisms, we try to find the relation between two or more terms conclusion based on the relation given between another set of terms premises. Although this method can be used to easily solve syllogism problems in the best case scenarios, using it to solve problems in the worst case scenario is relatively difficult. Since all tigers are necessarily cats and all cats are necessarily animals, it can be concluded that 'All tigers are animals'. In the Venn diagram method, questions on syllogisms are solved by drawing Venn diagrams. These Venn diagrams involve circles which represent the various sets given in the question.

Syllogism is an influential concept of CAT. It has its role in logical reasoning and verbal ability section as well. There are approximately questions based on it. And these many questions can play vital role in upgrading your percentile. Syllogism is a Greek synonym of the word conclusion or inference. A more proper definition of syllogism is an argument the conclusion of which is supported by two propositions, of which one contains the term that is predicate of the conclusion, and other contains the term that is subject of the conclusion; common to the both premises is the term that is excluded from the conclusion.

Syllogism is a topic which needs constant practice and different methods to solve the problems asked in the exams. Even though only 5 questions were asked from this topic , it is regular in all the exams and the exams without this topic is very less. This is a topic of utmost importance and cannot be left as such. Even though there have been many methods are used to solve the questions , this is one of the scoring part of all the candidates and they rush to this part in the exams to answer it first. So learning this topic with the shortcuts and different methods helps a candidate to score well in this section which could eventually boost the overall score of the candidate other than the individual cutoff marks. So from this part , we are going to learn how to solve syllogism using formula method as it is the most widely used method after the Venn Diagram Method. Why we should learn Syllogism using the Formula Method?

Your No. If you are preparing for bank exams, understanding the basic concepts on solving a particular questions is very important. Therefore we thought of explaining few topics that form part of the question paper regularly. Lets start it with an article on How to solve syllogism questions. Most bank exams have at least questions dedicated to the syllogism. If one knows the right approach, this can be your high scoring section. Here, we will look at solving Syllogism using the Venn Diagram approach along with a few solved examples.

With the introduction of new pattern questions on syllogism in Bank exams it has become important to use short method to solve such lengthy syllogism questions. Most of the students use Venn Diagram method to solve syllogism. No doubt the method is easy to use, but it is time taking to solve the new Reverse Syllogism questions by Venn Diagram, in which you have to check each option to satisfy the condition given in the question. Suppose you take 3 minutes to solve a single question of new pattern syllogism, you can solve the same question in 1 minute using rules after proper practice. In this way you can easily save minutes in 5 such questions. You can use this saved time for solving other questions.

Syllogisms are verbal reasoning type questions. This topic holds a significant weightage in all banking exams. Once we are well aware of the concept, syllogism problems are easier to solve. Hence, understanding its basic concept is very crucial. Unlimited Banking Tests Rs. Syllogism questions for SBI PO are logical argument type of questions, which require the application of deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion. The typical question format of this type of questions is, two or more premises or statements followed by a set of conclusions will be given.

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