How to go up stairs on crutches non weight bearing

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Crutches: 12 Tips for Going Up and Down Stairs

how to go up stairs on crutches non weight bearing

How to Go Up & Down Stairs with Crutches (with non-weight bearing)

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Your standard pair of crutches relies primarily on underarm support, adding extra discomfort to your armpits as well as restricting your hands and arms from doing daily tasks. However, this hands-free crutch is hoping to make recovering from an injury more painless and leave your arms and hands free to use. The iWalk 2. The crutch straps onto your upper thigh, resting your leg in a bent, 90 degree angle on a cushioned pad. Rather than requiring extra strain on your underarms, it transfers the weight to your leg. This particular point of innovation is what the iWalk 2. While the iWalk 2.

crutch in your other hand. . Remember to keep non-weight bearing on the stairs. Get someone to carry your other crutch up/down the stairs for you. Do not throw it facilities please visit the disabledgo website link below.
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Using crutches

It is important to start walking as soon as you can after your surgery. But you will need support for walking while your leg heals. Crutches may be a good choice after a leg injury or surgery if you only need a little help with balance and stability.
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  1. A healthy leg can support your body weight, but when you have an injured leg or foot, you need to keep weight off it.

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