Quadriceps tendon rupture rehab protocol

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What Happens With a Quadriceps Tendon Rupture

quadriceps tendon rupture rehab protocol

Quadriceps tendon rupture: Mechanism of injury and treatment options

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PURPOSE: Early functional rehabilitation after surgical tendon repair facilitates the healing process and leads to improved joint function. There is a paucity of studies commenting on rehabilitation after surgical repair of ruptured quadriceps tendons, and most surgeons prefer a prolonged period of immobilization and protected weight bearing. The purpose of the present study is to compare the clinical outcome after a more functional and after a rather restrictive postoperative rehabilitation protocol. Patients of site A were only allowed limited flexion and weight bearing while patients from site B were allowed early functional rehabilitation with full weight bearing. Clinical outcome was measured with the subjective IKDC form.

NOTE: All progressions are approximations and should be used as a guideline only. Progression will be based on individual patient presentation, which is assessed throughout the treatment process. Our unique regenerative approach to healing joints and repairing arthritis can get you back to the activities you love, without compromise. Pioneering surgeon and inventor Dr. Kevin Stone leads the clinical and research practices, and teaches biologic and robotic techniques to doctors from around the world.

The quadriceps tendon is a thick, strong tendon that can withstand tremendous force. In daily life, it acts as part of the extensor mechanism to straighten the knee. People who injure the extensor mechanism may tear the quad tendon, tear the patellar tendon , or fracture the kneecap. All of these injuries have similar treatments and rehabilitation plans. The quadriceps tendon quad tendon is the large tendon just above your kneecap. The quad tendon is part of the extensor mechanism of the knee that includes the quadriceps muscle , the quad tendon, the kneecap patella and the patellar tendon.

Tendons are strong cords of fibrous tissue that attach muscles to bones.
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By Brian J. Ludwig, MD. A quadriceps tendon rupture occurs relatively infrequently and usually occur in athletes older than 40 years old. Injuries to the quadriceps tendon can be very disabling. They can cause significant loss of time from sport and work. If not treated appropriately, these injuries can have many negative long-term sequelae, however if diagnosed quickly and treated appropriately, one can expect a full recovery from a quadriceps tendon rupture.


Quadriceps Tendon Repair Post-Operative Protocol

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