Fast times at ridgemont high full movie part 1

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List of Fast Times At Ridgemont High Characters

fast times at ridgemont high full movie part 1

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Often called the American Graffiti of the eighties, Fast Times features an ensemble cast, several subplots and different stereotypical characters who somehow all seem to share a connection, in this case their attendance to Ridgemont High. Although the movie is set in a high school, Nicolas Cage is one of the few underage actors to appear in the movie. Due to the explicit content and nudity in the film, the crew insisted on only casting actors over 18 to play the main characters. Cage lied about his age to get the part of older brother Brad, but when the producers found out, they gave him a minor part, flipping burgers. Fast Times is also the only film were Cage is credited as Nicolas Coppola , which is his birth name.

Plot: The name of this movie is Fast Times at Ridgemont High which was first released in the year and takes part in the Comedy, Drama, Romance, genres.
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On this day in , the teenage coming-of-age comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High opens in theaters around the United States. He earned another Oscar nomination for his starring turn as a jazz musician in Sweet and Lowdown and a third for playing a mentally disabled man in I Am Sam Crowe, who was born in , went on to write and direct another classic teen movie, Say Anything , starring John Cusack, as well as Singles ; Jerry Maguire , which starred Tom Cruise and was nominated for five Oscars Cuba Gooding Jr. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! During his campaign for the White House in Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro is born in the Oriente province of eastern Cuba.

Even if you already have most of Fast Times at Ridgemont High memorized, get to know the teen sex comedy on a deeper level with these behind-the-scenes facts. Cage was originally supposed to play Brad, but the filmmakers relegated him to a background role after his improvisations during the auditioning process were deemed too weird. Cage, who was only 17, lied about his age to snag a role. Hand, but he turned it down because he objected to the teenage sex and drug use in the script. The Independent reports that the Duffer Brothers recently released their early notes for the series, originally titled Montauk. Because the show was originally supposed to be a one-and-done anthology story, in the same structure as series such as American Horror Story , the Duffers assumed they could and should approach film actors.

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Fast Times was one of the first instances we saw "the surfer-stoner" character ever portrayed on the big screen thanks, Sean Penn! To celebrate, here are some of our favorite lines from the movie, which was also written by Cameron Crowe. - Forgot your password? Don't have an account?

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It is also the film that made Sean Penn a star for his portrayal of the dopey passive/aggressive surfer Jeff Spicoli. While Fast Times at Ridgemont High features Sean Penn's legendary performance, the film endures View All Videos (1).
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CAN there be anything about life in high school, particularly life in a suburban California high school, that the movie-going public hasn't already seen? Well, maybe there can. A little bit of it turns up in ''Fast Times at Ridgemont High,'' a jumbled but appealing teen-age comedy with something of a fresh perspective on the subject. Cameron Crowe, who wrote the screenplay and the book on which it's based, spent a year masquerading as a high school student, making some very funny, believable notes on how his new friends really felt and sounded. Crowe chose to leave himself out of the resultant book, which didn't hurt it at all; questions about how he could know what had been said in a place like the girls' bathroom were rendered beside the point by the witty tone of his stories and by the ways in which they rang true.

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