Night vision scope for hog hunting

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Best Thermal Scope for Your AR – With Todd Huey

night vision scope for hog hunting

Hog and raccoon hunting are just two of the animals on the night hunting list, and even a cheap night vision scope will do the job well. The range of cost and.

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Which type of nigh vision device to choose when talking about hunting worldwide is a very hot topic that needs further discussion. There are many factors when making a choice on what kind of device you are going to pick for your hunting activities. It detects minute-differences in heat when used for hunting hogs. The thermal night vision device will detect any change in the heat of the surroundings as well as any dug up ground and even animal tracks. The thermal vision devices rely on heat-radiation and do not require any visible natural light to be present to produce an image. For this fact, the detection range is much greater than that of the night vision device, which most hunters would consider a great advantage.

Yes, this is real life… we hunt packs of wild boars on foot and from moving vehicles with night vision goggles, thermal scopes, infrared laser sights, and suppressed firearm systems. Schedule an over-night hog hunt with us and all gear is provided night vision, thermals, firearms, and ammo. All you have to do is get here with a pair of boots and dark clothing. From there, we have primary hog country open for our hunts — and we know where all the honey pots are. For safety sake, we will work in groups of shooters at a time. We can effectively scan yards out in degree radius in about 5 seconds. After hogs are located, we will use our vehicles to get to the general area of the sounder before continuing our approach on foot.

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What is the best thermal scope for your AR for hunting or general usage? Also, just in case you missed our earlier article with Todd about what is the best cartridge for hog hunting, please click here. You have lots of people who sell night vision and thermal. Everybody is getting into it. But these stores, they have no idea. Most of them have never even turned on a unit. You can call them up…They can tell you the price and they can tell you what it says on the outside of the box, but as far as how to use it or what it looks like in the field, most of them have no clue.

Night vision scopes used to be only available to select groups of people. Namely the military, law enforcement, and people with money. This has changed drastically in the last fifteen years or so, with companies making cheap night vision scopes for the average person. Many hunters have begun to utilize this technology for hunting in the dark, with little to no light. Hog and raccoon hunting are just two of the animals on the night hunting list, and even a cheap night vision scope will do the job well. The range of cost and features is extensive, and can be mind boggling. To make this article as accurate as possible, I studied several night vision scope reviews to come up with the four best night vision scopes.


The 4 Best Night Vision Scopes For The Money

Night Vision VS Thermal for Hog Hunting



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  1. Here are the best night vision scopes on the market for civilian hunters and . This scope is loved by night time hog hunters because you can use standard rings.

  2. Armasight Nemesis6x-SD Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope w/6x .. NITEOWL NV-G3 Digital Night Vision Scope for Rifle Hunting with Camera and .. pests and predators such as hogs, foxes and coyotes is incredible.

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