Han solo vs indiana jones

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Han Solo vs Indiana Jones: Who Would Win?

han solo vs indiana jones

The Han Solo & Indiana Jones Crossover Only True Fans Know About

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Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. See the list. Two girlfriends get in to an argument over the best Harrison Ford character of all-time. Step in to the Ultradome and see if Doctor Jones has what it takes to knock off Solo. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial.

Let us know what you think…Has Pete the true believer been drinking too much carbonited Kool-Aid?
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We appreciate you contacting us. One of our colleagues will get back to you shortly. Two of Harrison Ford 's most iconic roles are experiencing somewhat of a Renaissance lately. While we wait for the official announcement as to which lucky young actor will guide the Millennium Falcon in the upcoming Han Solo origin movie, we have also learned that a fifth Indiana Jones movie starring Ford himself has been greenlit. People are curious if the new Indiana Jones will be good since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull left many fans sour, and fans are speculating on many facets of this Han Solo origin movie, but nobody is asking the real question here: Who would win in a fight between Indiana Jones and Han Solo? There are many things to keep in mind when speculating about this, one of which being: Which Indy and Han? The Indy and Han in their primes, or the current, much older incarnations?

In this installment, we're looking at two of the best movie characters of the last 40 years. And as it just so happens, they're played by the same actor. So who's better: Han Solo or Indiana Jones? In the Star Wars story, Luke Skywalker is obviously the protagonist: It's his journey to becoming a Jedi that's the franchise's emotional center. But, c'mon, who's the character who's the most fun? That's clearly Han Solo, the platonic ideal of the rascal-y, swashbuckling hero who gets to deliver smart-ass quips, fire a blaster and rescue the damsel in distress — all without breaking a sweat.

They go on adventures, save or get saved by the damsel in distress, help defeat the bad guys, and look awesome in the process. Otherwise his main weapon of choice is a whip. A whip! Think not? Try him. Indy definitely has the brains to match the brawn. Hell, he even found himself in the middle of Nazi Germany, and had a potentially deadly face-to-face encounter with Hitler, and he still figured out a way to escape relatively unscathed.

Built Ford Tough: Han Solo vs Indiana Jones

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Who Would Win In a Fight: Han Solo or Indiana Jones?


Han Solo vs Indiana Jones That's clearly Han Solo, the platonic ideal of the rascal-y, Indiana Jones has to be at the center of everything.
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