Concept by iowa hearing aid centers

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About Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers

concept by iowa hearing aid centers

Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers

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The Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers West Des Moines clinic is a full-service hearing aid center where patients can get free hearing tests, hearing aid cleanings, check-ups, and trade-in or purchase new hearing aids. Clinic Hours: Monday and Tuesday: a. Wednesday-Friday: a. Third Saturday of the month, by appointment: 10 a. Clinician Hours: Monday: a.

Locally owned since , Concept by Iowa offers sleek & modern hearing aids with the highest quality aftercare. Schedule your FREE hearing screening today!.
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Concept hearing aids offer the highest quality sound, housed in a variety of sleek and modern designs. Taking into account your individual needs and preferences, Concept delivers the best hearing technology on the market with state-of-the-art capabilities. Depending on your unique hearing loss and needs, our local hearing health professionals will work with you to recommend the best available fit for best possible sound. All Concept hearing aids, except for the Concept Patriot and the Concept Mini, come in S, M, and C levels that offer different options for all lifestyles. This is made for a person who spends nearly equal time in noisy and quiet environments. This is for our most active patients and will fit people whose lifestyles include spending most of their time in noisy situations or work environments, attending many meetings or group outings.

Patients can get cleanings, check-ups, trade-in and purchase new hearing aids at this location. Hearing tests are free, so come in and check your hearing with our friendly staff. Clinic Hours: Monday — Friday: 8 a. Third Saturday of the month, by appointment: 8 a. Clinician Hours: Monday, Thursday, and Friday: 9 a. Tuesday and Wednesday: 8 a.

Hearing Aids

Since its founding, Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers has become an integral part of the state, advancing our mission of providing access to hearing care to our communities. Today patients find care that combines world-class technology with compassion., This is a multi-location business.

Meet Our Team

Concept is a family-owned business with a twist — all locations are leading the market in technologically advanced equipment, cutting-edge digital testing, and a superbly trained team of audiologists and certified hearing health experts. Our hearing health experts are here to help you understand yours. We will take the time to conduct a comprehensive hearing health exam and learn about your personal lifestyle, so we may design a treatment plan that is as unique to your quality of life as your hearing loss is to you. When you choose a Concept clinic, you are choosing a hearing health family — we will be here for you throughout your journey to better hearing. Sign up now.


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