Can i use mouthwash after wisdom teeth removal

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

can i use mouthwash after wisdom teeth removal

The after-effects of a tooth extraction can be moderately unpleasant. You may have been sedated and feel unwell and light-headed as a result.


Special Offers. A wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure performed by a dentist or oral surgeon to remove one or more of your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth on the top and bottom. According to the ADA , as your wisdom teeth grow in, your dentist will be looking for the following:. Visiting your dentist twice a year for regular checkups will help your dentist follow the progress of your teeth.

The after-effects of a tooth extraction can be moderately unpleasant. You may have been sedated and feel unwell and light-headed as a result of this.
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Wisdom tooth extraction can be a relatively painless process. Yet, oftentimes people experience complications such as dry sockets after a wisdom tooth extraction. The real key to post-operation healing processes involves allowing your natural healing process to work its magic. Any interference with this process will reduce your chances of a simple wisdom tooth healing process. Mouthwash poses one such serious risk. If you jump the gun on mouthwash rinsing, you will prevent blood clotting and put yourself in harm's way. Avoid the temptation of mouthwash.

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most commonly performed dental treatments performed at River Run Dental. By getting your wisdom teeth removed, you may be able to prevent a variety of oral health problems including pain in the jaw, swelling in the jaw, bleeding gums , irritated and inflamed gums, bad breath, and even loss of bone or gums. Since you should not perform any kind of rinsing the day after the procedure, you may wonder how you can brush and floss your teeth. We encourage patients to brush their teeth as they normally the first day after their surgery. Do not brush your teeth, spit, or rinse with a mouthwash for the first day after surgery. Doing so may disrupt the healing process and cause serious conditions like infection or dry socket.

Which Mouthwash is Better After Tooth Extraction

Is It Safe To Use Mouthwash After Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Good oral health can keep your teeth and gums healthy, but failing to brush and floss regularly can cause problems, which could eventually lead to a tooth extraction. Your dentist can walk you through what is a fairly straightforward surgical procedure, and he or she will more likely than not explain that you will be left with some degree of post-surgery discomfort for a period of time. Your dentist will definitely let you know about things to avoid in order to keep the pain at a minimum. With that, this blog post will look at the following question: When can I use mouthwash after a tooth extraction? You might be surprised to see how an everyday item that millions of people use in the morning, after lunch or before they go to bed can actually be injurious on the heels of a tooth extraction.

After tooth extraction, appropriate care should be taken to prevent infection and ensure uneventful healing., The growth of the wisdom tooth becomes a major problem for most. Because of this growth, the tooth settings get affected to a great extent.


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  1. The answer is a ' NO you can't ' & also a ' YES you can'. It is a strict ' No ' for at least 72 hours of extraction. And a ' Yes ' after 72 hours to.

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