Ufo museum and research center

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Roswell UFO museum’s fascinating space

ufo museum and research center

General information about the International UFO Museum & Research Center.

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The site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Some are essential to make our site work, others help us improve the user experience. By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. In early , Walter Haut, who had been public information officer at Roswell Army Air Field in , began promoting the idea of a home for information on the Roswell Incident and other UFO phenomena. The Museum continues to provide information to the general public on all aspects of the UFO phenomena.

It was founded in as a c3 nonprofit educational organization and is located in a former movie theater from the s. The Museum was founded by Glenn Dennis and opened in September of The museum also has a gift store with UFO-inspired souvenirs.
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In July , something happened northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, during a severe thunderstorm. Was it a flying saucer? Was it a weather balloon? What happened? The site also contains links to UFO researchers and related information. Additionally, this website includes information on local Roswell, NM areas of interest. This was a fun stop and worth the cost of admission.

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Roswell New Mexico - Alien Extraterrestrial Overload ! UFO Museum & Area 51 / Space Age McDonalds

International UFO Museum and Research Center

The museum staff is very friendly and welcoming. The museum has loads of information about the This is a small and somewhat old museum focused on the alleged UFO crash north of Roswell in This place is campy, a little cheesy If you happen to be in or passing through Roswell and have an hour or so then don't miss this. Yes, most of the information and pictures are available online.

But one stands out. She repeatedly told the man his account was untrue. For decades after the discovery of what many think was an alien spaceship on a ranch about 40 miles outside Roswell, few people in town talked about it. Now, though, she is convinced something otherworldly did descend on her hometown. The museum, with an adjacent research facility for scholars, opened 20 years ago. In , as public information officer for Roswell Army Air Field, he was dispatched to the crash site.

The hotel room was perfect for our needs. - Walter Haut who worked for the military in Roswell in had the idea of building the museum as an educational center for the public.




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